Iron Horse Security provides security services for the transportation sector

Transportation & Logistics

Your Best Choice for Security with Transportation & Logistics

Transportation and logistics is the life blood of import and exports and so ensuring the safety of the industry is paramount. Warehouses and storage facilities are capital targets when it comes to criminal activity and so protection of those facilities are extremely important.

For 25 years, Iron Horse Security has worked with industry leading transportation and logistic firms to implement custom security services and solutions aimed at bolstering security protocols that work at mitigating security issues.  Some of these solutions include on site security guards who have been rigorously trained to mobile patrol units who are used to keep facilities safe. Our ability and experience to build security solutions that meet your exact needs is what makes us an industry leader.

Why Choose Iron Horse Security

  • Over 25 years experience
  • Multi Award Winning Services
  • Custom tailored solutions for your specific needs
  • Rigorous Screening for optimal security personnel
  • Fully compliant with all licensing requirements
  • Flexibility in required security services
  • Meticulous client Documentation & Communication
  • A+ Rated Insurer