Robin St. Martin Founder & President

Robin St. Martin is a Canadian entrepreneur and business leader. He is perhaps best known for founding Iron Horse Security, one of the biggest security companies in the nation. In addition to founding Iron Horse Security, Robin St. Martin acts as president of the company.

Today, both Robin St. Martin and Iron Horse Security have won widespread recognition and multiple awards. In fact, Iron Horse Security has won more awards than any other security company in all of Canada. Since its inception in 1994, Robin has led the company by example, using his enthusiasm and unstoppable perseverance to inspire and motivate the Iron Horse team.

St. Martin has strong roots in Ottawa, and he attended Algonquin College and Carleton University after graduating from high school. During this period, he studied law before leaving Carleton in 1993. Although Robin spent the next few years building Iron Horse Security from the ground up, he later continued his education at some of the most prestigious institutions in the world.

In 2019, he participated in the CENE Program through the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This program brings together Canadian entrepreneurs and business leaders like Robin St. Martin to help fuel the growth of the nation, specifically in areas related to technology and life sciences. In 2021, Robin St. Martin studied Digital Marketing Strategy through Harvard University. It’s clear that even though Robin St. Martin has achieved incredible success through his entrepreneurial career, he is always motivated to continue learning.

After leaving Carleton University in 1993, St. Martin founded Iron Horse Security in 1994. During these early years, Robin encountered many challenges. He ran the company from a one-room office, and it wasn’t easy to convince banks to provide him with loans to grow his business.

However, St. Martin never gave up. He knew that his unique approach to the security industry gave him an advantage over the competition, and he focused on a few key factors. First of all, he made sure to prioritize customer service. To this day, Iron Horse provides heavily personalized service to its customers, taking into account even the most minor preferences and goals. Secondly, Robin St. Martin was an early adopter of revolutionary security technology that made Iron Horse stand out from the crowd.

As the years went by, St. Martin pioneered and developed new security technology that had never been used before. Robin is also credited with helping to transform the image of the security industry, moving away from a militaristic business plan and towards a more friendly, service-based approach.

Today, Robin St. Martin has accepted a number of awards and honours that highlight the incredible progress made by Iron Horse over the years. These include a staggering 15 Consumers Choice Awards. Iron Horse was also listed as one of Profit 500 Canada’s Fastest Growing Businesses four times in a row. Following that, the company was listed as one of Profit 100 Canada’s Fastest Growing Businesses five times in a row. Additional honours include 26 year Honour Roll Member of the Better Business Bureau, the Top Choice Award – Mark of Excellence, Mid-Market Business of the Year finalist, Business of the Year finalist, and many others. In truth, Iron Horse and Robin St. Martin have won too many awards to fully list.

Robin St. Martin still sticks to the same principles that allowed him to transform Iron Horse from a small start-up into one of the most respected business entities in Canada.


Robin St. Martin on the value of a strong team:

“Surround yourself with good people and good things will happen”


Robin St. Martin on the role of customer service in the security industry: 

“There was a misconception that companies couldn’t provide tough, dependable security and friendly customer service at the same time. We knew we could provide both from the very beginning.”


Robin St Martin on why Use of Force is outdated in the security industry: 

“There is a clear distinction between policing and private security. We’ve reached a point where technology and de-escalation training have combined to make Use of Force virtually obsolete for security guards. With security professionals who are adequately trained in the latest methods, Use of Force should be almost unheard of save for the rarest of occasions.”


Robin St Martin on the role of private security versus policing: 

“Private security plays an important role in society alongside our valued police officers. Without private security, our police departments would be overwhelmed. We’re honoured to work hand in hand with the police as we provide a safer environment for everyone.”


Robin St. Martin on the future of the security industry:

“With the rise of robotics and AI, we’re venturing into exciting territory for the security industry. However, we’ll always need a “human touch,” as a good security service relies on people skills and top-class customer service. It’s exciting to see this “human touch” augmented by technology to further expand our range of services.”


Robin St. Martin on the core values of the company:

“From the very beginning, Iron Horse was always based on a foundation of two core values: Putting our customers first, and taking advantage of the latest technological innovations. Combined, these two values allow us to provide a safe, effective, and pleasant experience for our customers.”