Justin Ferns Vice President & Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Justin brings with him over 12 years of security industry experience and has enjoyed the privilege of being involved in every facet of the security industry.

Putting his university degree to work while starting as a security officer over a decade ago and rising through the ranks to his current senior position as Vice President of Operations. Justin’s dependability and his “roll up your sleeves attitude” is what separates him from the pack in his field.

In an industry where accountability is so key, he never falls short on his promise of providing superior service and outstanding management follow up. Justin adamantly believes in leading by example. He is an accountable and professional business executive with a proven record of security and asset protection management.

Justin has excelled at improving customer relations and retention while demonstrating ability at increasing operational efficiency.

With an incredible eye for detail, Justin focuses on particulars that are often overlooked, providing our clients with the assurance that at the end of the day they can feel confident with Iron Horse Security.

“Attitude reflects Leadership”