Why Hotel Concierge Security is Key 

When you walk into any well-respected hotel, how are you greeted? Really take a moment to think about it. We bet you have the answer. Often the first person you see is a Concierge. Iron Horse Security provides a full line of professionally trained and reliable concierge security officers, this makes us a trusted partner for businesses and professionals alike. Today we are going to go through several key points as to why it is crucial for your hotel to have a concierge security officer and how you can go about getting one on board. 

Customer Assistance:

With an Iron Horse Concierge Security Officer, you will be provided with superior customer service. No request is too big or too small for our officers. We are flexible and willing to accommodate. Unlike with other security providers, your customers will experience first-hand how training makes a significant difference. Our training instills industry-leading practices, which include: non-violent crisis intervention, public relations training, cultural sensitivity training, and other training that elevates your customers’ experiences. We also supervise our guards in a manner that guarantees you are provided with the highest quality of security services available. 

Customer & Staff Safety:

All of our officers are licensed security guards, heavily trained in the protection of your residents’ safety and in the securing of your building. They are committed to handling situations appropriately and with the use of your pre-determined situation guidelines. You will experience the benefits of controlled building access, supervised move-ins and move-outs

regulate visitor parking, and much more. You will never feel concerned for your customers or your staff again once you have an Iron Horse Security Officer on your team. Don’t waste another minute worrying about potential safety situations. A concierge security officer will guarantee you, your customers, and your staff protection. 

Reports for tracking: 

Remove that blind spot from your rearview mirror. Reporting is a highly underestimated safety tool that should not be taken for granted. At Iron Horse Security we have taken into account the importance of maintaining reports of daily shifts and incidents, we track these in a log and mark all common area problems and other unusual occurrences. This helps our officers and yourself identify specific issues and come up with a plan that targets and removes them. For example, if you have a recurring disruptive visitor at specific times/days, we may potentially recommend an additional guard for those time slots. 

Now that you see that owning a hotel and having a concierge security officer go hand-in-hand you may want to start your journey into finding one. Since you’re reading this blog post you are aware that our concierge security officers at Iron Horse Security are a cut above the rest. There is no need to wait any longer, request your free quote today and make your hotel a safe place for your guests to enjoy!