Why Security Guard Training is Vital to Successful Security

Sure, an average person could Google self-defence tactics and call themselves a security guard. But we can assure you, hiring an inexperienced and uncertified security guard could result in being your worst business decision. Our security guard training is not for the faint of heart. Our candidates are put through both mental and physical training that ensures that they are prepared to handle any situation should it arise. Below we have listed the rigorous training/certifications Iron Horse Security guards must go through to complete their training and move on with our clients. This list of training material is what sets our professionals apart from and above our competitors. Diving into the details will help you further grasp why shopping around for a security guard is no longer necessary, because you have already stumbled upon the best selection.


Iron Horse Security Training includes: 

  • Basic Security Guard Duties
  • Advanced Security Guard Duties
  • Advanced Supervisor Duties
  • CPR
  • First Aid & AED Training
  • C.G.S.B. Guard Training
  • C.G.S.B. Supervisor Training
  • Non-Violent Crisis Intervention
  • Public Relations Training
  • Cultural Sensitivity Training
  • Site Specific Training

Let’s break it down… Would you feel comfortable leaving your child with an irresponsible babysitter? How about allowing a veterinarian to perform open-heart surgery on you? The answer to both of these questions would be, no. While it comes across as blunt, it is simply stating the facts. When hiring a security guard, it’s crucial that the individual is screened and trained before they have the opportunity to work with you. If they are not, you could be putting yourself, your employees, and your customers at risk. With a security guard from Iron Horse Security, you can wave goodbye to all of your safety concerns. Iron Horse Academy will not pass an individual if they are not qualified. 

Another training that we have in place and thoroughly believe in as a company is sensitivity training. The goal of this form of training is to make the candidates more aware of their own prejudices and more sensitive to others. This is especially important with respect to the public and the wide array and diversity of Canadians. We want our clients to have full confidence when selecting Iron Horse Security as their security guard provider. With the knowledge that your security guard will respect all of your clients and/or customers equally. 

With all of the series of tests that we have in place (e.g. aptitude, security knowledge, language testing, bilingualism testing and job proficiency) we can assure you that our candidates are nothing but top quality. Our clients’ success’ speaks for itself, that is why Iron Horse Security is the leader in security solutions and the winner of the Consumer Choice Award for 15 years in a row. Remember when you take a chance on an untrained individual, you are essentially putting your safety and your reputation in the hands of someone who is not suitable for the position. You can trust in the training of Iron Horse Security.