On the Hunt for a Security Service Provider? Here’s What to Look For.

There is no question about it, selecting a security service provider can quickly become overwhelming. We’ve molded this blog post to help continue your education on the security industry and on what critical items you should consider when hiring a security service provider. Whether you select Canada’s Best (Iron Horse Security) or not, there are key indicators that you need to be aware of when researching your options. Today we are going to dive head-first into ways you can easily identify a capable company that is suitable for your needs. 

Quality is qualified: 

Naturally when researching a security service, physical capabilities are one of the first qualifications that come to mind. But did you know there are many other levels of training you should look for in a security service? If a provider doesn’t offer security guards with non-violent crisis intervention training or C.G.S.B. Guard Training keep scrolling onto another option. You can read more regarding training skills a security service provider should have in one of our latest blog posts “Why Security Guard Training is Vital to Successful Security”.

Respect the reputation:

Having loyal clients says a lot about a brand. Regardless of the industry, if you have returning clients with nothing but praise for your company it is clear that their respect was earned. The last thing you want to do is select a security service provider without references, or even worse with bad reviews. You need to have a clear idea of what the provider is like with its current clients. Are they easy to work with? Are there satisfying results? Etc. 

If a security service provider has received dedicated awards, this also shows that they are respected within the industry and have outshined other providers in specific categories. 

Knowledge is power: 

Depending on your security requirements, you’re going to want to select a provider that has experience in multiple categories. With Iron Horse Security, you will find that we can offer experience across most security sectors. When you dedicate time to finding a provider that matches your needs exactly, you will have a weight lifted off of your shoulders. A security provider is not an area you can afford to take risks in. 

Experience is an asset: 

There are areas where you can afford to hire inexperienced practitioners, but a security service provider is not one of them. Selecting a random service provider from a basic Google search could result in literally the collapse of your company, facility, or reputation. All it takes is that one irresponsible selection to potentially put your customers’ safety at risk, or your merchandise to be stolen, etc. Look at the years that the provider has under their belt. With Iron Horse Security you can rest easy knowing that you’re working with a provider that has over 26 years of experience, backed by pleased clients. 

So there you have it, the foundation to selecting a security service provider that will help you grow your business and secure the confidence of your clients. It’s on you now, are you going to dismiss what we have shared and risk it all, or choose a security service provider that has the experience and your back?