4 Reasons Why You Should Consider A Security Guard

If this blog post title piqued your interest, chances are there is a reason for it. Below we will cover 4 Reasons Why You Should Consider A Security Guard for your business. We will also dive into how Iron Horse security can assist you in your search for one. 

1. You have a small business with large quantities of merchandise: 

Often you will hear “the larger the business, the larger the need for security” that is not always the case. At the end of the day, the actual size of the business isn’t always the key factor when the thought of hiring a security guard crosses your mind. It is important to recognize your merchandise along with its value and purpose. Perhaps you own a small liquor store, regardless of the affordability of the products and the size of the store, this particular merchandise can often stir up unsafe situations for you, your customers, and your employees. This is a classic case where you would want a security guard to protect your daily workflow.

Whether your business sells cannabis, alcohol or serves alcohol, a security guard should be present and always considered in your overall financial budget. We’ve heard many times from business owners how much they regretted not hiring security guards sooner. This is a mistake you do not want to make for your business. 

2. You’re located in a high-crime area: 

The price may have been right and you placed your business in an area with a higher crime rate than you are comfortable with. It may have been the right financial decision for your business, but do you want to risk losing that financial gain through a law-suite from an employee, a robbery or damaged property? Protect yourself from that unnecessary loss and hire your business a security guard. A security guard is worth its weight in gold with situations like this. 

3. Your safety is always on your mind: 

Do you worry for yourself and/or your employees? Find yourself always looking over your shoulder? Maybe it’s time to look into a security guard, even if it’s just to put your mind at ease. You will never regret the peace of mind that having a iron horse security guard provides you with.  

4. You’re hosting an event with V.I.Ps: 

Any venue that hosts guests of a certain celebrity status would require security. You could own a modest concert hall, or a hotel where political events occur; these are situations where you would need to ensure that your guests are completely safe and feel secure. Needless to say, if they lack that safety feature from your venue, they will not book with your venue again in the future and could potentially ruin your venue’s reputation. 

There are many other potential situations as to why you and/or your business would look to hire a security guard, but with these staple reasons in mind, you may not need any further convincing. Let Iron Horse Security guide you towards our professionally trained security guards. Our team is standing by to answer your questions.