Iron Horse Security provides security guards for residential premises.


Your Best Choice for Residential Security Services

Your residence is your sanctuary, a place where you should feel safe but sometimes that’s not always the case. Unfortunately, residential premises are natural targets for criminal activity that can include break ins, theft and vandalism and so having security measures in place to prevent criminal activity is a worthwhile investment.

For 25 years, Iron Horse Security has provided security solutions for residential spots that range from high luxury to condominiums. Having a complete understanding of the sentimental value your residence brings you is what separates Iron Horse Security from other security firms, as we provide award winning services to ensure your safety.

Why Choose Iron Horse Security

  • Over 25 years experience
  • Multi Award Winning Services
  • Custom tailored solutions for your specific needs
  • Rigorous Screening for optimal security personnel
  • 24/7 fully managed dispatch center
  • Guaranteed guard presence with no gaps
  • Meticulous client Documentation & Communication
  • Professional Clean Appearance