Iron Horse Security provides Mobile Patrol Services

Mobile Patrol

On The Go Security That Helps You Rest Easy

Your property and/or facilities are important components to your business and as such, Iron Horse Security takes on that importance through our best in class mobile patrol solutions. Peace of mind comes with our mobile patrol as we are able to monitor your property with professionally trained security guards.

Each patrol is recorded with dates, times and occurrences which can be forwarded to our clients at a predetermined time or on demand at any time. Should our patrol officers find an irregularity at your site, they will follow a predetermined set of protocols (post orders) to ensure each incident is handled exactly as you desire.

Safely securing your site while ensuring your professional image is what you can expect from Iron Horse Security.

Mobile Supervision

Iron Horse Security employs a team of Mobile Patrol Supervisors to act as frontline supervisors for all our guard staff members.  They are an extension of management.

Their role within our organization is to ensure that our guards are performing their duties to the standards outlined by our clientele, to act as mentors and examples for our regular guards to learn from, and to use their experience to aid with logistical and emergency needs on sites.

Why Choose Iron Horse Security

  • Integrity and Leadership
  • Commitment to Excellence
  • Management Support of all Security Personnel
  • Guaranteed guard presence with no gaps
  • Professional Clean Appearance
  • 24 hr / 365 Communications Centre
  • Collaborative Security Solutions with existing protocols