When you Should Hire Event Security 

Are you in charge of organizing an upcoming event? Let’s help you avoid a major mistake that we have heard many individuals make. Never skip event security! It is one of the foundations of event planning, and yet it is still known to get passed over during the fundamental budgeting stage. Ideally, every event should have some level of security no matter how small. There are many reasons for this, today we will dive into some of these reasons as well as help you gain an idea as to what level of event security you will need. 

Why event security is important: 

  • Guest protection: Realistically you want to ensure the safety of all guests at your event (no matter how small the attendance). It only takes one lawsuit to shut you down permanently. Having a security guard on hand will ensure that your guests feel safe and comfortable. If you have any VIPs attending your event you will want to consider having additional security. 
  • Incident preparation: Fail to plan, plan to fail. Having a game plan if things go south is crucial to the success of your event. If an event has the right amount of security guests may not even realize if an incident is occurring. Iron Horse Security meets with you several times prior to your event to map out how you want situations to be handled should they arise. 
  • Access control: Most events have a guest list. You want to make sure the right people get in through your door. Event organizers find that this area is one of the most crucial touchpoints for event security. That is due to two words, party crashers. You want to eliminate the potential disturbances that will end up costing you time and money. Iron Horse security guards are trained to handle these situations delicately and will follow the predetermined protocol you have set in place, as discussed in the bullet above. 
  • Venue requirements: Depending on the event venue, it may be required that you have a security presence. You do not want to get caught without a security solution if this is the case with your venue. Before you are too far down the rabbit hole with event planning, always review your venue’s requirements in their contract. Again, regardless of the event size, we always recommend having a security strategy established well in advance. 

Now that you have a better understanding of why security is needed for any size of event, you can start down the path to planning your security strategy. Speak with a security provider with experience, Iron Horse Security will customize a strategy that fits your event’s needs. You can even request your free quote online today! We look forward to assisting you.