What is Security Access Control & Why is it Important

Security Access Control may seem like an obvious feature to have when it comes to security, but unless it is in the agreement, many security providers will not include it because of the effort it takes to instill. When we are discussing access control, we are describing the process of allowing specific individuals into restricted areas. This includes off-hours restrictions, limited access, etc. It can be as specific as our customer wants it to be. At Iron Horse Security, we are flexible to your requirements. Today we are going to take a deep dive into what can happen if you don’t have access control in your security provider’s contract and what having access control could mean for your company. 

There are typically three main types of access control that a security provider can offer you. There is Mandatory Access Control (MAC), Discretionary Access Control (DAC), and Role-Based Access Control (RBAC). MAC is the most restricted of protection, the access permissions lay with the administrators. This is commonly used in government. DAC the owners can create credentials to gain access. RBAC is role-based, so permissions lay within the person’s title. 

Different businesses require different access control protocols. Iron Horse Security understands that and is flexible to what your business needs. Not having any access control in place could lead to one of two things. First, if your security provider has simple rules (e.g. don’t let anyone in after 8 PM) you could be locked out of your own office, even in the direst of circumstances. If that’s not the case and your security provider doesn’t have any guidance, then you could end up with individuals where they shouldn’t be (e.g. an interviewee in an IT Lab). As you can see, having access control truly shapes your security. It helps you further customize your businesses’ method of protection. Of course, there are other customizations you can add to your access control, a valuable security provider will be able to help you understand what customization is best suited for your business. 

Having access control in place also adds an additional layer of protection for your employees. With access control, you would be able to prevent a disgruntled ex-employee from reentering your offices again. Having the ability to filter your visitors is crucial. Since you are researching access control, you may be in search of a security provider. Iron Horse Security is ready to answer any additional questions you may have around access control. When it comes to security guard services, there should never be a compromise. At Iron Horse Security, we pride ourselves on providing best-in-class security guard services that fit the requirements of every client. That means no matter how complicated your customized access control might be, we are ready and eager to make a plan for you. Why wait any longer? Get your completely free quote from us today. Let’s work together to give your customers and employees a safe business environment.