What is a Mobile Security Patrol & Why You Need It

Are you in the process of researching your security options? If you have come across this blog post, there is a high chance that you are considering the security of your property and/or facilities. Iron Horse Security will keep your mind at ease as our mobile security service offers the best protection available. Before we dive into what we offer as a mobile security solution, let’s evaluate why you may need a mobile security provider. 

Concerned regarding property damage: 

If your property is located in a questionable neighbourhood, where break-ins and vandalism are on your mind, mobile security patrol is a necessity. Iron Horse Security’s patrol officers will ensure the protection of your property. Should they find any irregularity while monitoring your site, they will follow a predetermined set of protocols (post orders) that will allow them to handle the situation accordingly. 

Employee Safety:

Perhaps you have employees working night shifts or overtime. This is a situation where the protection of your employees is needed at a higher level. Having mobile security patrol will provide safety to those working at any hour, with our guaranteed guard presence, which will leave no time gaps. If your employees don’t feel safe on your premises, that causes a conversation around professionalism, avoid this by ensuring the safety that your employees deserve. Our patrol officers can escort your employees and contractors to their vehicles so that they leave your property with peace of mind. 

Secure the premises off-hours: 

You’re not always there to confirm that your property is properly secure. Our patrol officers can give you that reassurance from the comfort of your home. With a simple call, you will have the knowledge that your property is locked. Should you or an employee arrive without keys, we provide access control that will allow you to enter the property, provided through predetermined protocols. 

Now that you have a better idea about how you could leverage mobile security patrol for your property and/or facilities, we want to share with you why Iron Horse Security is #1 in mobile security and a cut above the rest. 

At Iron Horse Security, we do not brush off the environment. We ONLY use low emission Smart cars in line with our green initiative standards for our mobile supervisory fleet. Unlike our competitors who disregard the environment and use gas-guzzling vehicles, we prefer to go green, making use of these stunning and visually impactful mobile patrol deterrent vehicles.

We also employ a team of mobile patrol supervisors to act as frontline supervisors for all our guard staff members. They are an extension of management and provide reassurance that our mobile patrol officers are performing their duties to the standards outlined by our clientele. 

Understanding your security requirements is the first step in your journey towards selecting a security provider. If you believe you need other methods of security, Iron Horse has your back and offers many additional service options. We’re happy to discuss your options, receive your free quote today.