Why Security Guards Are a Necessity for Commercial and Government Premises

There are moments in your career when hiring a security guard is not an option, but a necessity. When working with commercial and government premises you quickly realize that these are the type of moments where you need to get a security guard provider on the phone.

Chances are if you’re reading this blog post, you may be wondering why it’s a necessity to have a security plan when dealing with these types of premises. Today we are going to explain what can make these premises a safety challenge and why a security guard is one of the best “insurance policies” you can purchase. 


With commercial and government premises, the security complexities can be vast. Having a security service provider that not only understands those complexities, but works with them to build a robust security solution is a challenge to find but a necessity.

Depending on the venue location, guest list, etc. you could come face to face with requirements that are a mile long. Iron Horse Security is experienced in these situations and can help you fill in the blanks with these complexities. For over 25 years, Iron Horse Security has been the leader in commercial and government security service. At Iron Horse Security, we take pride in providing the best in class security solutions that ensure the protection of commercial and government facilities including the people working within them


When selecting a security service provider, you will want to ensure that the company you plan on working with has proven experience. Backed by multi award winning services, Iron Horse Security builds custom solutions that can either serve as the foundation of security protocols or will work in collaboration to build solutions while integrating existing protocols. Making sure that you are left with zero blind spots in your security plan.  


Often with venues of these statures, you will have VIP clients and/or guests. The second they step foot onto your commercial or government premises, you are responsible for them on one level or another. It’s critical that your selected security service provider understands the protocol for these scenarios. If your guest is at all lacking confidence in your security procedures, it can be practically guaranteed that they will not jump at the chance to connect with your team again.  

We hope we have provided an overview that paints a clear picture as to how complex security requirements are for these specific premises. Selecting your security service provider is a necessity that shouldn’t be taken lightly. We can assure you, that no other Canadian Security company specializing in Uniformed Security Services has attained the recognition, awards and accolades we continue to receive for our commitment to client care. Do yourself a favour and put us at the top of your list. It only takes one slip up to create a chaotic moment for your company. Trust the experience, we are only one email away.