5 Tips to Improve Commercial Security

Maybe you think that when it comes to commercial property that you have security covered. You may be surprised to find out that, that may not be the case. That is why it’s important that you read through this post, to confirm you have the best of the best in Commercial security. Chances are if you’re not working with us there is a gap in your security solutions. 

Once you have a clear grasp on what security practices are best suited for your commercial property, you will gain a large sense of relief, you may even be able to sleep better at night. Let’s dive right into our tips, from there you will either know what you need to add or be satisfied with your current security strategies. 

  • Assess your property’s vulnerability: One of the first things a security solution will do is assess your property. This will highlight key areas that are vulnerable. From there you will be provided with suggestions like adding lighting, security cameras, a security guard, etc. 
  • Plan security guard procedures: At Iron Horse Security, we guarantee that your protocols will be followed. That is why it is important that we meet with you first to discuss how you want security issues to be handled given your absence. 
  • Security maintenance: We strongly recommend that when it comes to maintenance, you have a plan. For example, when it comes to alarms, they typically should be changed/updated every 3-5 years. With security cameras, it’s important that they are always functional. If you have an incident occur on your premises, the last thing you want is to be left without footage for police reports. Many people have made this mistake, you do not want to be one of them. 
  • Access Control: Having an Iron Horse security guard provides you with plenty of options for security customization, including access control. Access Control allows you to predetermine who can access your building at any hour. That way you can have a say on entry and access levels even when you are not present. 
  • Security doesn’t stop with the building: You may think you have a birds-eye view on your property, but there is a possibility that your security stops at your building’s doors. It’s important for your guests’ and employees’ safety to have continued security within your parking lot(s). If your building is in an unsafe area it is especially crucial that you have security officers prepared to escort individuals to their vehicles. 

Now, what did you score out of those 5 tips? Are you leveraging all of them? If you’re missing some of our suggested key players in commercial property security, we highly recommend getting your free quote with us. We look forward to hearing from you.