Private Investigation Training

There is a high demand for private investigators. Hundreds of thousands of attorneys and insurance adjusters require investigative services. Tens of thousands of banks, private lenders, and landlords may use your services to locate bad debts or to research loan applications. Businesses need background checks done on potential employees. Private individuals may use you to locate lost relatives or old friends. Insurance companies will need you to help fight fraudulent claims. Your client base potential is only limited by your imagination!

This is a highly lucrative market, with clients willing to pay generously for these valuable services. It is easy to start your own agency, earning you in excess of $100,000 annually. With your own PI agency, you are in control of all aspects of your business. You will be free to set your own fees.


PI Academy Course Outline


Video & photographic surveillance, vehicular surveillance, team surveillance, stake-out strategies & equipment.


Criminal and Civil Investigations

Interviewing and interrogations, note-taking & report writing, written statements, evidence gathering, court appearance and testimony, forensic sciences, and investigative terminology.


Background Investigations

Criminal activity, civil actions, bankruptcies, financial information, liens, income, employment, driving records, past and present marriages, past and present divorces, possible children, co-habitants/room mates, other boyfriends/girlfriends, hidden assets, hidden property, hidden vehicles.


Missing Persons

Missing heirs, missing friends and family members, unclaimed inheritances & other monies, subject profiling, skip tracing, debtor location, runaway location.