Other Investigative Services

Hidden Cameras

Iron Horse Security & Investigations’ technical staff can easily install a multitude of different hidden camera systems. Whether it is for a commercial or residential application, our technical experts can install undetectable video surveillance equipment. Wireless, motion-activated, or completely undetectable systems can be installed in your home or business easily and affordably.


Polygraph Examinations
(Lie Detector)

Iron Horse Security & Investigations employs the newest computerized polygraph examination equipment available. Technology has come a long way since the old fashioned “wavy line” ink charts, and so has its accuracy. Polygraph examinations can be used to prove guilt and innocence. Theft detection, infidelity, employee honesty, or commercial crime, are only a few uses for polygraph examinations.


Forensic Document Examination
(Handwriting Analysys)

We have one of Canada’s foremost forensic document examiners available to help you conclusively determine: signature comparisons, handwriting comparisons, typewriter and printer examinations, forgery, and much more.