Loss Prevention & Civil Recovery

Loss Prevention

Shoplifting costs retailers over $10 billion annually and 84% of all apprehended shoplifters are caught by trained personnel. Our retail investigators are among the elite in their field. The extensive training and continued professional development combined with frequent written and oral examinations ensure the highest possible standards available. Onsite and classroom training ensures that an Iron Horse Loss Prevention Officer is the finest you can find.

Memberships with the Certified Fraud Examiners and the Council of Private Investigators keeps our team on the cutting edge of loss prevention. Proper crime prevention can increase your profits by 6% of your gross sales. At Iron Horse Security we understand your need for professional results, and our commitment to this is unsurpassed.

In addition to a remarkably high recovery rate, our specialized Civil Recovery Program allows our clients the exclusive advantage of receiving monetary compensation for theft-related losses. Many others have tried to recover costs, Iron Horse is one of the few to succeed consistently for over a decade.


Civil Recovery

Iron Horse Security has gained acceptance as one of Ontario’s leading Retail Investigation Firm. One of the reasons we have gained such wide acceptance and consistently beaten our competition is our Civil Recovery Program. Our program has become so successful that we have registered it as a separate operating business listed under the Iron Horse Corporation.

Our civil recovery program is a service that recovers money for our clients. This money is recovered from suspects that have been apprehended as a result of an unlawful action on your premises. They are given a deadline for payment, and if payment is not received, the reports are then screened a second time to determine which cases meet the necessary criteria for a civil court action. Approximately 70% of all notices sent out are recovered. This program is a win-win situation, as we do not charge any fees unless money is recovered.

Iron Horse Security is the definitive choice of discerning retailers.